Summary Essay on Casino Air Marketing

Casino Air is a brand new idea that will combine flying with casino gaming. Passengers over the age of twenty-one years will be able to participate in casino gaming while receiving first class treatment. Passengers will enjoy gambling knowing that Casino Air will have investors and joint ventures with Harrah’s casino and other major corporations.

Internal Analysis:

Casino Air’s current product is to combine flying to a passenger’s destination with in-flight casino gaming activities. Casino Air is expecting to make with a full flight to Las Vegas, NV, $400,000 and expected gambling earnings of $15,000 per round trip flight. The market share for Casino Air will be minimal during the launch of the product. However, as consumers become aware of the airline and more cities are added for service, market share will increase dramatically. Currently, Casino Air will offer more services to the consumer while they are flying. The competition will have cheaper ticket prices, but will not initially be able to compete with the differentiation of Casino Air.

Casino Air has many strengths that were analyzed thoroughly through the product being offered. First, there is no other product like Casino Air on the market. Along with a flight, consumers will be able to receive all-inclusive trips to their destination. Included in the trip will be casino gambling during the flight, free cocktails for gamblers, message therapist, virtual reality lab, marriage chapel, hotel included with purchase of plane ticket, and first class seating for all passengers. Casino Air is a novelty item because no other airline has attempted to try this idea. Another main strength for Casino Air is the departing location in Dallas, TX. Dallas is chosen because it is centrally located in the U.S. and has two airports, one of which is the largest in the world. Casino Air will offer a variety of destinations to cities within the U.S. and outside the U.S. Lastly, Casino Air will offer player’s cards to gamers willing to spend a certain amount of money on Casino Air.

Casino Air also has some internal weaknesses that can hamper the operations of the airline. First, Dallas is the only departing city where a passenger can catch a flight to a departing destination. Also, during the initial launch of Casino Air, there will be a limited number of flights out of Dallas to the predetermined destinations. Next, the initial start up cost will be tremendous. If any of the money needed to finance the airlines is not received or spent poorly, then Casino Air can go bankrupt before even having the initial flight. Seating requirements are another weakness for Casino Air because passengers must remain seated during turbulence and must choose a game at the beginning of the flight. There is not a “high roller” area for gamblers and the theme is not family oriented. A final weakness is because Casino Air is new to the market, there is not any brand recognition with potential consumers.

Casino Air has many opportunities in the future of the company. A first opportunity is that Casino Air will have corporate charters and parties for any business willing to rent out a plane. There will also be corporate sponsorships to gain capital to expand the operations of the airline. Holiday and high roller parties will be in the future of Casino Air to bring more passengers to travel on the airline. Since, Casino Air is not family oriented, more activities for children are being developed to attract a wider variety of consumers. Lastly, Casino Air will be adding more departure cities, destinations, and flights, as future brand recognition among consumers is high.

There are some threats faced by Casino Air even before the first flight leaves the runway. A major threat is gambling and aviation laws. Any one of these laws could ground Casino Air and shut down the business. Another threat is anti-gambling groups, but this threat can also be used as a marketing tool. Traditional cruises and charter flights threaten the stability of the airline. Security issues also play a major role as a threat because of terrorism on the publics mind. Lastly, new competition will threaten Casino Air’s market share and so will business failure if passengers are not willing to fly on our product.

Casino Air is best suited to develop in flight gambling because it will be a niche. Many consumers want to gamble before they arrive in Las Vegas or Shreveport. Also, consumers who have never had the chance to gamble can do so on our airline, and become loyal customers.

External Analysis:

There are some external conditions affecting Casino Air such as social, legal, and economic conditions. With social conditions, anti-gambling groups will protest against the airline because it is promoting gambling that causes many adverse problems to addicts. Legal conditions will also affect Casino Air; because it is a new product new laws may be made to ban in-flight gambling. Lastly, economic conditions will affect the number of passengers flying to and from our destinations. With a declining economy and the threat of terrorism, Casino Air can fail just from these two factors.

The number of people flying nowadays has decreased after September 11, 2001. Many people are now driving and not taking vacations as they have in the past. Occupancy rates in Las Vegas hotels have decreased and there just might not be the demand for Casino Air. However, Casino Air will offer gambling and may encourage increasing travel. In the long run, Casino Air will be an airline of choice for passengers.

Casino Air’s marketing objectives are to be the first airline with the idea of in-flight gaming and provide the best passenger amenities. These two objectives were chosen to differentiate ourselves from the other airlines.

The market segment for Casino Air is Dallas County. Currently in Dallas County there are 2,076,458 people, 63.4 percent of the population is over twenty-five years of age. Dallas County’s household income per capita is $25,485 and the annual expenditures per capita is $16,750.50. In Dallas County, transportation expenditures per capita are $3,080 and entertainment expenditures per capita are $900. These demographics are favorable for Casino Air and make it possible to select a target market.

Casino Air’s target market would be any person in Dallas County between the ages of twenty-one to thirty-five, but also targeting the older crowd indirectly. The market being targeted would be for households of single or multiple members with an annual household income of $35,000 plus. Casino Air will meet the need for the consumers wanting to travel to their destinations with an all-inclusive package. This target market was chosen because only people over twenty-one years of age can legally gamble. The general sales forecast for Casino Air will initially be high for the target market.

Casino Air’s competitors are other major airlines such as American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta, United, charter airlines, and luxury cruises. Casino Air will have a competitive advantage against the competition. The competitive advantage is that Casino Air will have a niche of in-flight gambling combined with excellent customer service.

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