Name Some Place You Would not Like to Go on a Date and Explain Why You Would Choose not to Go There

There are many places where I would not want to go on a date, but above all I would avoid any place that had a special significance in respect to my previous relationship. The reasons for this are twofold.

Firstly, the memories that returning to such a place would evoke could affect my mood and behavior and prevent me from giving my date the kind of attention that she would expect. While this is not something that I would willingly allow to happen, I do tend to get over-emotional when personal relationships are involved and even an unconscious harking back to the past could affect my behavior in ways that I may not be able to control at the time. My date is the present and to allow the past to unduly affect it could put the relationship in a downward spiral – a situation that I may not be able to immediately comprehend or correct because of my unwanted focus on the past.

I also believe that a relationship must be based on mutual respect and taking my date to a place associated with a past experience would be a sign of disrespect and this can never be the foundation of a strong relationship. My date may not realize my feelings or the reasons for my behavior, but I will not be able to show her the real me. I know how I would feel if the situation were reversed. Additionally, if the place is the one I used to frequent often, friends and acquaintances may be present and they will have to be acknowledged. In the course of even brief conversations with them, innocent comments about my previous visits with someone else could crop up and unless I had revealed my past associations with the place to my date, she could think that I had taken her there to compare her with those I had gone there with in the past.

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