Marketing – Launching a new product

This assignment considers some aspects on how to launch a new product in to the marked, and pick out the main factors of marketing.

To get a new product out on the market is it important to have a marketing strategy. This is a strategy on how to “attack” the market. To find a target group, some instrument or resources have to be used. We often refer to these instruments, as The Four Ps. The Ps stands for: Product, Prise, Place and Promotion.
The market strategy is the first step in developing a marketing plan. To fulfil the marketing plan we need the budget, time schedule and delegate assignment to the employees.

Before you start to produce and market the new product we need to scrutinize the market, to see if it is ready for your product. There are several factors involving these criteria. Are there similar products on the market? How long before you can launch it? Is the product facing a saturated market? Are you able to reach your customers, and do they need / want your product?

Product is the most important factor of The Four Ps. A product is not just a collection of components. It also includes the image, design, quality and reliability as well as its features and benefits. The product is the main factor on deciding the price on a product, and what kind of communication and distribution canal a company ought to use. To set the price on your product there are other factors you also have to look into, the price charged by the competitors, the ability of the customer to pay and the volume of sales required.

Other factors you have to look into when placing your product are the competitors’ choice of distribution and the distribution costs. You also have to think about the size and functionality of the product.

When the market is ready for your product, promotion and place of distribution needs to be prioritised. Depending on the product and target group, we need to use the right promotion. Is it something that needs both vision and sound? (Cinema, TV) Only sound? (Radio, telephone) Only vision? (Magazine, newspapers) Or how about send out e-mail or place an advertisement on the Internet? All of these alternatives have advantages and disadvantages, so you have to find the most effective and cost effective method that reaches your target.

There are also several methods on how to get products out to the customers. We can mention sponsored products like cell phone, products for everyday use like washing equipment, or articles of luxury like sports cars and cloths and shoes for brand conscious customers.

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