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Today we are living in a highly globalize economy, where the fad in one country will unmistakably spread to all corners of the globe. We are in a marketers’ paradise, a world ripe with opportunity. Yet, most ambitious plans come to nothing or simply fail. These are probably related to the individuals who failed to comprehend the utter importance of the marketing plan to any business venture. Without it how does one know how their efforts are fairing? Are they still following the same path on which they set out? A marketing plan is more important than a mere vision statement. It’s a work of art that pieces the fabric of what our company stands for, and strives to attain, together.

Since this will be our first year of operations, a lot of capital will spent on establishing our brand in the market place. This will be expensive, so a profit in our first year is not demanded, for we’d rather get our footing right and therefore enable us to achieve far better results in future years.

Situation Analysis

Pangaea is entering its first year of operations and effective marketing is required to create a name for itself in Durban’s highly competitive restaurant market. The restaurant will push new frontiers in the forms of cultural fusion foods, in attempts to give tourists and locals alike an experience unique to the city and one of impeccable standards.

Market Demographics

The profile for Pangaea’s customer consists of the following Geographical, Demographical and Behavioral factors

· Our primary targets are the citizens of Durban.
· A City with a population of just over 3 million, covering an area of 2297km2.

· We will target both male and female consumers.
· Predominately in the 25-60 year old age bracket, which is 68% of Durban’s population.
· Yet we will mainly target those who fall in the middle to upper income bracket (over R2500 per month), which is 24,2% of the working population of Durban.
· However, we will also target the 8 million domestic and 510000 foreign tourists who annually visit Kwa-Zulu Natal and are looking for a unique cultural experience, for they will promote our up-market image.
· People who eat out several times a week.


· We shall attract customers who want to enjoy a high quality meal in a relaxing and uplifting environment.
· People who appreciate food to be presented in an intriguing manner and who enjoy a splash of diversity.

Marketing Strategy

Since Pangaea is new to the market, we will be required to implant our brand and ethos into the minds of the general public. Our advertising budget is not very limiting, so we have free reign to be as creative as possible in our attempts to attain greatest reach. Pangaea will advertise using billboards, promotions, radio, magazines, newspapers and have a page on the KZN Tourism website, which will culminate with a launch party prior to the opening. We will also piggy-back on uShaka Island campaigns and when the monorail, which will be running along the beachfront, is in place, we will introduce platform and carriage advertisements.

Mission Statement

Pangaea’s mission is to provide the customer with the finest cultural dining experience, whereby patrons are immersed in the extravagances and delights of our varied society in traditional dance and song. We exist to attract and maintain customers and to continually exceed their expectations in terms of service, atmosphere and above all else, cuisine. We aim to achieve all this simultaneously, while maintaining profitability.

Marketing Objectives

· The single largest objective is to position Pangaea as the premier cultural complex in South Africa, commanding a high percentage of local diners to supplement the tourist trade.
· To maintain positive, steady growth each quarter.
· To make people think admiringly of our brand.
· To experience a continual increase in new customers.

Target Marketing

We have segmented the market into two target populations.

· Local Families: A group of people, either friends or relatives, dining together.
· Tourists: Either domestic or international, who are looking for a unique Durban Experience.

Pangaea’s customers are informed individuals in the age group 20-60, making up 68% of Durban’s population. Age, however, is not the prime component of this customer base, which honour falls on individuals who are looking for a memorable, edutainment experience. It’s been proven that restaurants that encompass live entertainment have a far better chance of succeeding indefinitely, than those which don’t.


Chefs are continually pushing the creative boundaries of presentation to further excite and entice the customer. We will carry this element of enticement through to our restaurant layout and dйcor, which will be fresh and a blend of Indian, European and isiZulu artifacts and themes. We will also be creative in the style of our cooking, which, in some instances, will turn convention on its head.


Pangaea will place itself as the place to go for cultural entertainment. Durban customers will have the opportunity to experience weekend dinner/dance parties second to none.

Marketing Campaigns

Pangaea is a bold step in a new direction in terms of cultural dining, so to needs to be our advertising. Below are the ways in which we intend to achieve high brand recognition in the Market Place with our budget.

Billboards: Utilising catchy slogans and vocabulary associated with the cultures represented, our billboard ads will serve to entertain the passing motorist and inform them of our eminent arrival. The main reasoning behind the inclusion of this very expensive media is the reach and branding potential that they serve to provide. A clear-cut campaign utilizing this reach can attract a far greater audience than a mere TV or radio ad. In any given day the number of people passing the billboards on the M4 Southern freeway, heading from the city centre towards the airport is in excess of a million. This is a highly desirable group to attract for they have transport and are, on the whole, economically active. Another factor for the inclusion of billboards is the fact that they are visible 24hrs a day and can’t be missed, unlike a TV or radio ad which is played and if no one hears it at that given time, you have wasted your money for your message will not get across to your desired market. Moreover they are more memorable than radio. The image from a billboard can stay imprinted in your mind for weeks.

In-flight Magazines: This media format will take the same approach as the billboards, but will enhance the message by detailing the ethos of the complex. The body of these ads will portray the atmosphere of the cultural dancing and music of Pangaea and descriptions of Durban’s diversity. They will serve as a temptation to come to our restaurant. This form of media is desirable due to the fact that many of the readers will be foreign tourists.

Newspapers: Our presence in newspapers will be limited to small adverts that will appear on the front page in the top corners. These will be effective due to their positioning and will merely have sayings on them related to the billboard campaign. They will be simple and serve as a reminder or a trigger in people’s memories about what our brand represents.

Promotions: Three forms of promotions will take place. All will involve people dressed in traditional attire. This will include Indian’s in Saris, Zulu warriors and 18th Century European Nobles. The first and largest will take place at North Beach during the December Beach Festival and will centre on a display offering a taste of these cultures. The second will be at road intersections during peak hour traffic and the third at Durban International Airport, where we will rent an information stall.

Gateway Stand: Later on in our financial year, we’d like to have a stand at Gateway over a weekend. This will allow us the opportunity to refresh consumers about our brand and to display our offering.

Indaba: During the May 2004 Tourism Indaba, which takes place at the International Convention Centre in Durban, we will take up a stand to showcase our product to all the international media as well as the tour operators. This will increase our brand awareness beyond our borders and enable us to sell our concept, to an eager international audience. This may help in increasing the number of operators that put Durban on their tour schedules.

Radio: We will also utilize the medium of radio in our targeted campaign. This platform will serve to enlighten our consumers of the Launch party, hold the competition whereby the consumers can win tickets to the party and serve as a supplement to our billboard and promotional campaigns. The main advantage to us of this medium is that we can include traditional music within the ad, to strengthen the emphasis on the cultural aspect of our restaurant. Our use of radio will however be minimal as this is a very costly way of showcasing our product. It will be utilized mainly in the week prior to our opening.

Websites: Since running our own site has been deemed too costly and unbeneficial, we will acquire a listing and impression on the Tourism KwaZulu-Natal website, as well as on Both will provide wide exposure. This is a cheap form of advertising due to the fact that neither requires manpower to get our message across. Also the KZN tourism website is one of the most visited websites in the country, it has more visitors than the South African tourism site and is on a par in terms of impressions with the British tourism webpage.

Launch Party: Finally, preceding all these advertisements will come our cultural evening with singing, dancing and delectable foods. It will be an event of Hollywood proportions and will include celebrities across the cultural divide. There will be approximately 100 invited guests, 50 tickets given out to competition winners and the remaining 350 tickets will go on sale to the general public. The format of the evening will be very formal and the dress code will be smart. From this function we will earn thousands of rands of free publicity in the form of newspaper/magazine articles. This will add glamour and increase the attraction of Pangaea. The reasoning behind the launch party idea is that it will formally introduce our brand and complex to the marketplace. The success of the party will serve as encouragement for the locals to patronize us, as well as to further stir up interest emanating from the other campaigns that will be tailored toward this evening.

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