Essay on What is The Greatest Bargain You Ever Got?

The years I spent at university were the best in my life. However, being far away from home meant I never had the chance to buy my own car. While all my friends were working and driving, I was hitting the books and the bicycle pedals. Upon graduating I returned home eager to acquire my own set of wheels. Unfortunately, not only was I broke, but I also had my student loan repayments to consider. I managed to raise five hundred pounds in a garage sale, which was still far from enough to buy a decent car.

I received a call from my father the next day. He told me that a colleague of his was being relocated and that he wanted to sell his car – a Volkswagen Golf. He warned me that the vehicle might have a few miles under its belt but that the seller was known for taking good care of his belongings. He gave his number and I called him.

I met the man the following day outside his house and he showed me to his garage. As the doors opened and the daylight shone upon the automobile, I was flabbergasted. It was a beauty, and it looked brand new. The cool grey color of the body complimented the sky blue rims. The windscreen was flawless, and the wheels looked ready to take on any terrain. Everything about the automobile was magnificent and it called out to me like a siren. My negotiating mindset immediately took over and commanded me to act uninterested.

He set the price at one thousand pounds and while I knew this was a bargain, it was still over my budget. I told him the most I could afford was six hundred pounds. He declined my offer and I was left with no choice but to walk away. With each step I took I felt I was losing someone I cared about and I felt defeated. I was about to step off his property completely when I heard a phrase I will never forget: “OK. How about six fifty?”

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