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The Golden Spikes Baseball Center Executive Summary
This marketing plan is designed to give a blueprint for marketing a new indoor baseball practice and batting cage facility, The Golden Spikes Baseball Center. I have included a complete market analysis, target market summaries, a SWOT analysis, a detailed milestones table, and other relevant discussions.

My ambitions for this marketing plan include:

· Using my existing relationships within the local Little League, High School, and College communities to build and establish this business opportunity.
· Identifying our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
· Identifying the local market forces, target markets, and promotional opportunities.
I hope this marketing plan creates a long-term growth model for this company’s success. The South Bay community is growing rapidly and I am convinced that an indoor practice and batting cage facility will be a most welcomed commodity within this community.

Situation Analysis
The Chula Vista area of San Diego is growing rapidly. The fuel for this growth in this community is a rapidly expanding housing market. Many families are discovering that you get more “bang for the buck” for housing compared to other areas of San Diego County.

A by-product of this rapid expansion is the amount of kids that have moved onto the area. So many have moved in that the local Little League district had to expand in order to accommodate the number of kids that wanted to play. This expansion touched all levels of Littler League. Chula Vista High School is a baseball powerhouse that is routinely ranked in the top ten nationally. Other high schools are currently being built to handle the drastic increase in enrollment. The reality is that Southern California and in particular San Diego, is a hotbed for baseball talent. I believe that an indoor baseball practice facility and batting cages will be a thriving business.

The local competition consists of a Family Fun Center that has old style, outdoor, batting cages only. These cages are often over crowded and are often defective. Also, when it rains or is cold, business drops off dramatically.
Market Summary.

The Chula Vista area is experiencing rapid growth and a rapid influx of baseball players, from Little League thru High School, that will need a place to train, year round, to give them the competitive edge that they will need to be successful. The Golden Spikes Baseball Center will provide baseball players of all abilities the opportunity to hone their skills and to become as successful as they can be. The local Chula Vista area is devoid of such a facility and the time is right to establish an indoor baseball practice and batting cage facility.

Target Market Breakdown

Market Demographics

Little League players 55% of customers.
High School Players 40% of customers.
Others 5% of customers
Age: 6-25
Sex: 95% male
5% female

It is clear that the overwhelming majority of baseball players both at the Little League and high school levels are boys. The five percent that I am estimating for females comes mostly from the local high school softball teams that I will market this facility to. The five percent could, therefore. Change for the positive.

Market Needs

1. There is need for a high quality indoor baseball practice facility.
2. There is a practical need baseball practices to be as controlled as possible. An indoor facility satisfies this requirement.
3. There is a need to combine both an indoor practice facility for baseball with state of the art batting cages. Players and coaches are looking for a controlled environment in which to hone their skills. The Golden Spikes Baseball Center provides such an opportunity.

Market Trends

Trends for such a facility are favorable. I can think of three major trends that will allow this business to be successful:

· Enrollment in Little League is growing. Particularly in Chula Vista.
· The success of East Lake High Schools baseball program will fuel the competitive fires of other local high schools, both existing and those yet to be built.
· The local community is still growing with housing developments coming up as far as the eye can see. There will be many more families with many more kids moving in.

SWOT Analysis
The following is a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) for the Golden Spikes Baseball


· Growing community
· Little to no competition
· Experience with baseball and baseball coaching
· Established relationship with local Little League officials

· Limited cash resources.
· Little to no experience in setting up and running a business enterprise.
· Little experience in acquiring the property necessary to house this facility.

· There is no competition that rivals what I am trying to do.
· The area is growing. The time is right to establish an indoor baseball practice and batting cage facility.
· Parents want to get their kind exercising and away from Nintendo.

· Parents may not want to pay a higher fee for batting cages.
· The economy. Disposable income is becoming tighter and tighter for many families.
· A proper building may be too expensive to lease.

The major strength that I have is the growing community. I moved into this neighborhood three years ago and there were still many areas of open spaces and grazing fields for cattle. All of those areas are gone. In their place are houses upon houses. This means more families and more kids. When I moved in three years ago, the local Little League was just forming. Today, kids are being turned away from the league because the league has reached its breaking point.
Another powerful strength is the relationships that I have built within the local Little League community. I have coached in this league since its inception and I have made some solid contacts. These contacts also stretch into the local high school community.

I have also been involved in the sport of baseball for most of my life. I have a keen sense as to what coaches and players are looking for in a practice facility.

The major weakness that I am faced with is that I have no experience in establishing and running a business. I have always worked for Fortune 100 companies and the thought of starting my own business scares me to the point of paralysis.

I also am not independently wealthy nor do I have a rich uncle with cash to spare. Cash will be key to the success of this business venture. The liquidity that will be necessary is greater then what I currently have in the bank.

The Chula Vista area of San Diego County is rapidly expanding. Fueled by a booming housing market, the number of children (all age groups) in this area is growing daily. The opportunity to establish the Golden Spikes Baseball Center is apparent.

Parents are looking for ways to get their children out from in front of the TV or video game and exercising. In Southern California and San Diego in particular, baseball is extremely popular. The recent trend of having to turn kids, who want to play away from the local Little League, validates this point. The Golden Spikes Baseball Center will offer the community a place where baseball players of all skill levels can go to practice and hone their skills.

Currently, there is no real competition that has a comparable product offering that The Golden Spikes Baseball Center will offer. The closest competition is a local Family Fun Center that offers batting cages only.

Clearly, these are all strong opportunities that exist for the Golden Spikes Baseball Center!

The economy is sluggish at best. Family’s need to decide how best to spend the limited supply of disposable income. I am cognizant of this fact and will factor this when the pricing structure for the Golden Spikes Baseball Center is decided upon.
I have determined that a 25 thousand square foot facility will be required. This is a minimum number that will allow for the initial start-up of the business. Ideally, I will be looking for a site that can be expanded to twice the square footage estimated or 50 thousand square feet in total. It is unclear at this time if such a facility exists. I have researched several industrial sites in East Chula Vista and I am hopeful that such a site can be found.

Product Offering
The major product offering at the Golden Spikes Baseball Center will be an indoor practice facility and state of the art batting cages that will allow for a structured and controlled practice environment. Professional coaching provided by highly trained and experience coaches will also be offered to teams and to individuals.

The Golden Spikes Baseball Center will also offer a series of baseball camps and clinics that parents can enroll their kids in when the kids are off school. This will be viewed as an alternative to summer camps that are currently offered by the local YMCA and other sources.

I will also establish a relationship with sporting goods manufacturers that specialize in baseball equipment. A section of the facility will house this equipment and players can demo the equipment during their training sessions. This will open up an additional revenue stream for the Golden Spikes Baseball Center,
Keys to Success

To succeed in this business I must:

· Sell a service to the community that is of the highest quality and value for the money.
· Proactively promote the Golden Spikes Baseball Center to the local Little League and high school community and to the general community in Chula Vista.
· Ensure that I provide a facility and baseball related equipment that is state of the art and can be up-graded over time. The equipment must be top quality and at a price point that will make my customers buy from me rather than through a competitor.
· To partner with the local Little League and high school communities to ensure that the Golden Spikes Baseball Center is meeting their needs and is established as the “place to go” for quality baseball instruction at a fair price.
· Establish a long-term relationship with a local real-estate management company to ensure that I get the best facility.

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