Essay on Computers Are Taking over our Lives

“It Has Been Said that Computers Are Taking over our Lives. Do You Agree or Disagree?”

Computers, invented to make human lives easier, have performed this task very effectively and, thus, the dependency on the computers has increased substantially owing to the convenience it offers. The technological development further refining the functionality of computers, introduction of laptops and mini laptops, enhancement in the ease of carrying and usability have established computer as an essential part of daily life. Having devised it to assist people in their professional goals, the inventor must have never envisaged the extent to which the computer will enter their lives.

Saying that in today’s era computers dominate our lives wouldn’t be an exaggeration. The day our computer doesn’t work, our life stands still. Upon consideration, one would realize that seventy per cent of our daily routine involve using computers and their non-availability creates chaos. You can simply remember a case when the super-market computer crashes leading to long queues, frustrated customers and cashier and utter mess.

Computers are replacing us. The concept of human communication is rapidly vanishing and keeping in touch via Internet, which was considered insensitive initially, has become an accepted norm. Friends, relatives, colleagues, associates, and teachers are all becoming online entitities, and hence, the statement that computers are taking over our lives is correct. Our future generations may lose the habit of deploying their brains and not be able to survive in the absence of computers. Right from their pre-school days, children are adapting to computers and learning the easy way of acquiring knowledge. Making calculations is easy and the brain is does not need to be strained to learn the fundamentals anymore.

If the current trend of computer dependency continues, the day when the whole world will come to a halt if computers crash is not far.

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