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Americans Are Fast Becoming the Most Overweight People in the World. To What Do You Attribute this Trend?

Fast food. Super-sized portions. Processed food. Childhood obesity. Too much screen time. Driving everywhere. These are a few of the top reasons why Americans are fast becoming the most overweight people in the world. Online writing services can help you to write a research paper on these and other social problems. Perhaps at the top [...]

Should the alcoholic drinking age be increased or decreased?

In the US, a person must be 21 to drink alcohol. Facebook is full of pictures of alcohol-fuelled college parties, and university students are notorious drinkers. It is clear that the US drinking age is not working. The LA Times believes that the US is getting the same results it got during the prohibition of [...]

Correlation Between GDP Change and Employment Rate Research Paper

Correlation between GDP change and employment rate is one of the major issues economics deals with, and one of the greater reasons for debates among various schools of economic theory. It may be even said that it is one of the defining aspects of any theory.

Essay on What is The Greatest Bargain You Ever Got?

The years I spent at university were the best in my life. However, being far away from home meant I never had the chance to buy my own car. While all my friends were working and driving, I was hitting the books and the bicycle pedals. Upon graduating I returned home eager to acquire my [...]

Should Court Proceedings Be Televised?

At its heart, the issue of televising court proceedings revolves around a series of balances; that of guaranteeing the individual’s right to a fair trial set against the public’s right to transparent access to a crucial government function; the individual right to privacy versus a possible deterrent to corruption. Those who would oppose cameras in [...]

Name Some Place You Would not Like to Go on a Date and Explain Why You Would Choose not to Go There

There are many places where I would not want to go on a date, but above all I would avoid any place that had a special significance in respect to my previous relationship. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, the memories that returning to such a place would evoke could affect my mood and [...]

Essay on Computers Are Taking over our Lives

“It Has Been Said that Computers Are Taking over our Lives. Do You Agree or Disagree?” Computers, invented to make human lives easier, have performed this task very effectively and, thus, the dependency on the computers has increased substantially owing to the convenience it offers. The technological development further refining the functionality of computers, introduction [...]

Customer Focus Marketing Paper

Abstract In today’s world of marketing there are so many ways to market products and services. Whether it is to advertise it in newspapers, or magazines, or use commercials on radio or TV. The products or services we as business professionals want our customers to use need to be expressed in a manner that fits [...]

Strategic Marketing Paper on Levi Strauss

Levi-Strauss and Company is one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of denim clothing. It was founded in 1853 by Levi-Strauss a Bavarian immigrant, originally the company was set up as a dry goods store, in just over twenty years this small business grew in to a large prosperous store house.          In 1872 Strauss [...]

Relationship Marketing Papers

Fantast Soup is a food express company which specializes in lunchbox and soup express business. Customers can place order to their office through fax, tel. or Internet. The Office staff then call customers back to confirm order and finally call the relevant food express depot to deliver the food to customers.          The introduction of [...]